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Ellickson Doors offers an extensive range of automatic sliding & swing doors for commercial & industrial applications.

Automatic Sliding & Swing Doors

Ellickson Doors's automatic door systems provide extensive convenience, security, and flexibility for effortless access without the need for physical contact with the door. Within our extensive product range, you will find the right door and/or automatic entryway solution for every building. Alongside our range of standard automatic sliding doors, we can retrofit existing doors to enhance security and weather-proofing for your specifications. While automatic sliding doors are increasingly popular in many commercial and industrial spaces, we also provide automatic swing doors for easier access as well as a contact-less solution. All of our automatic doors are fitted with state-of-the-art safety features allowing the doors to operate in a safe and reliable manner.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Our automatic sliding doors can be supplied as single sliding, bi-parting or curved doors, with practical operators that close securely and are easily installed.

Automatic Swing Doors

Alongside our extensive variety of new personnel doors, existing manual personnel doors can be rapidly automated without complication by our team. Swing door automation increase convenience and provides better free access for the disabled.


For a free quote on our range of Automatic Sliding Doors, contact us today.

Our Automatic Sliding & Swing Doors

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