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Ellickson Doors is a leading supplier & installer of insulated sectional doors for all applications.

Insulated Sectional Doors

Ellickson Doors Ltd provide a range of insulated sectional doors as well as overhead doors for use in a range of industries. Our insulated sectional doors can open vertically or overhead following the roof line of the ceiling, this allows more free space in front, behind and above the opening. This makes them the perfect solution for loading bays, ramp access doors and large entryways.
All our insulated sectional doors are made to order specific to your individual requirements. Our door panels are either 40 / 60 / 80mm thick and made up of either aluminium or steel with a polyurethane foam infill. When the door is in the closed position it forms a perfect seal with the opening through its top and bottom seal on the panels and along the side with seals positioned on the side tracks. This leads to a more insulated, safe, and secure entryway solution.
Pass doors can be included within door panels for personnel access through door. Vision panels can be added to the door panels for enhanced visibility and streamlined processes. There are fully glazed doors available with an aluminium profile. Insulated sectional doors are available in a wide range of colours and are either electrically or manually operated depending on your unique requirements. We also offer a wide range of door activation options.


For a free, no-obligation quote on our full range of Insulated Sectional Doors, get in touch today.

Our Insulated Sectional Doors

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