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Ellickson Doors design, manufacture, and fit a wide range of PVC strip curtains for offices, factories & industrial spaces.

PVC Strip Curtains

Ellickson Doors’ flexible strip curtains and flap doors are designed and manufactured for your specific application, meaning you never have to compromise on quality or functionality. Strip curtains are proven to be an excellent low-cost barrier and a fantastic solution for effective cross-environmental separation. Our high-quality strip curtains are available in a wide range of strip widths, thickness, and overlaps. They are also designed to suit multiple temperature ratings and several mounting options are available. Stainless steel hardware for hanging strips is standard.

Alongside our extensive range of bespoke PVC strip curtains, Ellickson Doors supplies crash, impact or flap doors. These swinging doors are suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications including retail, warehousing, healthcare, temperature-control and cleanroom applications. Our PVC strip curtains, flap doors, and crash doors can be fitted with galvanised or stainless steel hardware and supplied as fully clear or half-coloured solutions. Bumpers are also available if required.


For a quote on our range of Bespoke PVC Strip Curtains, Crash Doors & Flap Doors, get in touch.

Our PVC Strip Curtains & Products

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