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Ellickson Doors provides safe, reliable & durable dock levellers for all types of loading bays.

Dock Levellers

Ellickson Doors dock levellers are engineered to assist in the loading and offloading of a range of trailer sizes from Irish roads. Ellickson Doors' dock levellers are designed to compensate the differences in heights between various trailers and warehouse heights for a smoother unloading and loading experience. Our high-quality dock levellers are constructed with hydraulics consisting of 2 lifting cylinders and a cylinder for the top lip which sits in the trailer bed when activated. For added safety we install automatic emergency stop valves in the lifting cylinders.. Ellickson Doors's dock levellers are easy and safe to use and are integrated with your loading bay door to ensure correct use. We offer a wide range of dock sizes and we tailor-make all products to suit all environments including ATEX rated zones.


For a free quote on our Dock Leveller Design, Manufacturing & Installation services, contact the Ellickson Doors team.

Our Dock Levellers

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