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Ellickson Doors is a leading supplier of loading bays & accessories for companies in all industries.

Loading Bays

Loading Bays consist of Dock Levellers, Dock Seals, Insulated Sectional Doors, Traffic Lights, Wheel Guides and Vehicle Restraints. The Loading Bay provides a smooth transition from the warehouse floor to the vehicles trailer bed while keeping out harsh weather conditions by forming as seal between the warehouse and the vehicle.
As experts in the industry, we design, manufacture, and install loading bays to ensure an effective, safe, and streamlined loading bay experience every time.


Interested in learning more about our range of Loading Bay Products? Get in touch today.

Dock Seals

Here at Ellickson Doors, our dock shelters and seals fit all trailer sizes, meaning that they can be used on any loading bay. The shelter and seals are designed to give your building a maximum seal once the dock doors are open. They also protect the goods being loaded and unloaded from harsh weather conditions, ensuring they arrive and leave your premises unharmed. Dock seals provide enhanced protection and can be manufactured with adjustable head seals to compensate for different trailer heights.

Dock Levellers

Ellickson Doors dock levellers are engineered to assist in the loading and offloading of a range of trailer sizes from Irish roads. Ellickson Doors’ dock levellers are designed to compensate the differences in heights between various trailers and warehouse heights for a smoother unloading and loading experience. Our high-quality dock levellers are constructed with hydraulics consisting of 2 lifting cylinders and a cylinder for the top lip which sits in the trailer bed when activated. For added safety we install automatic emergency stop valves in the lifting cylinders. Ellickson Doors’s dock levellers are easy and safe to use and are integrated with your loading bay door to ensure correct use. We offer a wide range of dock sizes and are tailor-make all products to suit all environments including ATEX rated zones.

Vehicle Restraints

Ellickson Doors’ wheel lock vehicle restraints provide the highest level of safety for the application of loading and offloading while the trailer is in the docked position. Our automatic wheel lock system services a variety of trailer types. Once the trailer is engaged with the wheel lock it cannot pull away from the loading bay until the cycle has been completed in its correct form, ensuring safety, security, and efficiency.

Insulated Sectional Doors

Here at Ellickson Doors, we tailor-make insulated sectional doors suitable for all applications. Our insulated sectional overhead doors open vertically, allowing more free space in front, behind and above the opening. The door panels follow the roof line of the ceiling. Our door panels are 40mm made up of either aluminium or steel and have a polyurethane foam infill. When the door is in the closed position it forms a perfect seal with the opening through its top and bottom seal on the panels and along the side with seals positioned on the side tracks. Vision panels can be added to the door panels. We also provide fully-glazed doors with an aluminium profile for enhanced safety, security, and visibility. Insulated sectional doors are available in a variety colours and can be electronically or manually operated.

Our Loading Bays

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